Películas de enero 2019

  1. Sorry to Bother You, Boots Riley, Cinereach / MACRO / Forest Whitaker’s Significant Productions, USA, 2018
  2. A Scene at the Sea (Ano natsu, ichiban shizukana umi), Takeshi Kitano, Office Kitano / Toho / Totsu, Japón, 1991
  3. When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, Spike Lee, HBO / 40 Acres / A Mule Filmworks, USA, 2006
  4. Lo que esconde Silver Lake (Under the Silver Lake), David Robert Mitchell, Michael De Luca Productions / Stay Gold Features / Vendian Entertainment. Distribuida por A24, USA, 2018
  5. La mujer infiel (La Femme infidèle), Claude Chabrol, Les Films de la Boétie / Cinegai S.p.A, Francia e Italia, 1969
  6. Cobra verde, Werner Herzog, Werner Herzog Filmproduktion / Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen / Ghana Film Industry Corporation, Alemania y Ghana, 1987
  7. Certain Women, Kelly Reichardt, Film Science / Stage 6, USA, 2016
  8. The Doom Generation, Gregg Araki, Trimark Pictrues / Haut et Court/ The Teen Angst Movie Company / Desperate Pictures / Blurco, Who Not Productions, USA y Francia, 1995
  9. Suspiria, Luca Guadagnino, First Sun / Frenesy Film Company / MeMo Films / Amazon Studios / Mythology Entertainment / K Period Media / Muskat Filmed Properties / Vega Baby Releasing / Amazon Studios, Italia y USA, 2018
  10. L.A. Confidential, Curtis Hanson, Regency Enterprises, USA, 1997
  11. La mujer sin cabeza (La mujer rubia), Lucrecia Martel, Aquafilms / El Deseo / Slot Machine / R&C Produzioni / Teodora Film, Argentina, España, Francia e Italia, 2008
  12. Antoine y Colette(Antoine et Colette), François Truffaut, Les Films du Carrosse, Francia, 1962


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