Películas de febrero 2018

  1. Ava, Léa Mysius, F Comme Film / Trois Brigands, Francia, 2017
  2. Cuadecuc, vampir, Pere Portabella, Films 59, España, 1970
  3. Antiporno, Sion Sono, Nikkatsu / Django Film, Japón, 2016
  4. El tiroteo (The Shooting), Monte Hellman, Proteus Films, USA, 1966
  5. National Gallery, Frederick Wiseman, Idéale Audience, Gallery Film LLC, USA, Francia y UK, 2015
  6. Love Streams, John Cassavetes, Cannon Films, USA, 1984
  7. Carta de una desconocida (Letter from an Unknown Woman), Max Ophüls, Rampart Productions / Universal Pictures, USA, 1948
  8. The Devil’s Rejects, Rob Zombie, Lions Gate Films, USA, 2005


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