Películas de octubre 2017


  1. Krisha, Trey Edward Shults, A24, 2015, USA
  2. The Young Pope, Paolo Sorrentino, Wildside / Sky Italia / Canal+ / HBO / Mediapro, 2016, Italia, Francia, USA y España
  3. Una historia de Brooklyn (The Squid and the Whale), Noah Baumbach, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2005, USA
  4. Baby Driver, Edgar Wright,  Big Talk Productions / Media Rights Capital / Working Title Films / TriStar Pictures / Double Negative, 2017, UK y USA
  5. Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, Chantal Akerman, Paradise Films / Unité Trois, 1976, Bélgica y Francia
  6. Belladonna of Sadness (Kanashimi no Beradona), Eiichi Yamamoto, Mushi Productions / Nippon Herald Films, 1973, Japón
  7. D’Est, Chantal Akerman, La Sept-Arte / Lieurac Productions / RTBF / Paradise Films / RTP, 1993, Bélgica, Francia y Portugal

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