Películas de mayo 2017

  1. Bill Douglas Trilogy: My Childhood, My Ain Folk, My Way Home, Bill Douglas, British Film Institute, 1972-1978, UK
  2. Paterson, Jim Jarmusch, Amazon Studios / Animal Kingdom / K5 Film, 2016, USA
  3. El rojo en los labios (Les lèvres rouges – Daughters of Darkness), Harry Kümel, Showking Films, 1971, Bélgica, Francia y Alemania
  4. Vive L’Amour (Ai qing wan sui), Tsai Ming-liang, Central Motion Pictures Corporation, 1994, Taiwan
  5. Grizzly Man, Werner Herzog, Lions Gate Films / Discovery Docs, 2005, USA
  6. El ladrón de niños (Il ladro di bambini), Gianni Amelio, Erre Produzioni / Alia Film / Arena Films / Vega Films, 1992, Italia, Francia, Suiza
  7. Los santos inocentes, Mario Camus, Ganesh, 1984, España
  8. One, Two, Three, Billy Wilder, United Artists, 1961, USA
  9. LA 92, Dan Lindsay, TJ Martin, Lightbox, National Geographic, 2017, USA
  10. El desencanto, Jaime Chávarri, Elías Querejeta P.C., 1976, España

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