Películas de junio 2016

Junio 2016

  1. Pickpocket (Xiao Wu), Jia Zhang Ke, Beijing Film Academy / Hu Tong Communications, 1997, China y Hong Kong
  2. Días perros (Hundstage) Ulrich Seidl, Allegro Film, Austria, 2001
  3. Alicia ya no vive aquí (Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore), Martin Scorsese, Warner Bros Pictures, USA, 1974
  4. Dulce porvenir (The Sweet Hereafter), Atom Egoyan, Alliance Communications / New Line Cinema, Canadá, 1997
  5. Salesman, Albert Maysles, David Maysles y Charlotte Zwerin, Maysles Films, USA, 1968
  6. La mejor juventud (La meglio gioventù), Marco Tullio Giordana, BiBi Film / RAI Cinema, Italia, 2003

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